Dessy Dwi Larasati

Dessy Dwi Larasati

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

contoh dialog inviting, accept and decline

     Dessy is singing happily, when wenti comes to ask her to watch Westlife concert.
Dessy : I have a dream..a song to sing.
Wenti : Hi, dessy! It must be westlife song.
Dessy : One hundred for you! I plan to watch Westlife concert tonight. Why don’t you join me?
Wenti : Wow.., that’s a great idea! May I ask Ryan and Khidir too?
Dessy : Sure, let’s ask them.         
Wenti : Hi, Ryan and Khidir! Would you like to join us to watch Westlife concert tonight?
Ryan : I’d love to. When will you pick me up?
Dessy : At 7 p.m. How about you, Khidir?
Khidir : Thank you for asking me, but I’m afraid I can’t go with you.
Ryan : Why? Don’t miss this chance!
Khidir : I prefer watching other concert.
Ryan : Whose concert? I want to know.
Khidir : Ayu ting-ting concert! Kesana kemari mencari membawa alamat, ting-ting..
     They all laugh and leave..

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