Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

contoh dialog inviting, accept and decline

     Dessy is singing happily, when wenti comes to ask her to watch Westlife concert.
Dessy : I have a dream..a song to sing.
Wenti : Hi, dessy! It must be westlife song.
Dessy : One hundred for you! I plan to watch Westlife concert tonight. Why don’t you join me?
Wenti : Wow.., that’s a great idea! May I ask Ryan and Khidir too?
Dessy : Sure, let’s ask them.         
Wenti : Hi, Ryan and Khidir! Would you like to join us to watch Westlife concert tonight?
Ryan : I’d love to. When will you pick me up?
Dessy : At 7 p.m. How about you, Khidir?
Khidir : Thank you for asking me, but I’m afraid I can’t go with you.
Ryan : Why? Don’t miss this chance!
Khidir : I prefer watching other concert.
Ryan : Whose concert? I want to know.
Khidir : Ayu ting-ting concert! Kesana kemari mencari membawa alamat, ting-ting..
     They all laugh and leave..

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