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Naskah drama a little red riding hood

        Once upon a time, there lived little red riding hood in a village. One day, little red riding hood wanted to visit her grandmother’s house. In the middle of dense forest, when she was going to attend her grandmother’s invitation.

Grandmother : Tut....tut....tut (
riding hood’s phone riding)
Little red riding  hood : Kring...kring...kring...!!! Hallo?
Grandmother : hallo dear, this is your grandmother. Are you busy?
Little red riding hood : oh..it’s grandma, isn’t it? I’m not busy, grandma. What’s wrong, my dear grandma?
Grandmother :  tonight we will have a little party. Will you come to join us and the others?
little red riding hood : wow..it must be fun! All right, grandma. I will be there!
Grandmother : ok, my dear..I’ll wait for you. Bye!
Little red riding hood : yes, grandma. Bye!

          In the afternoon, riding hood went to her grandma house. But, she forgot the way to her house.

little red riding hood : Oh My God..I forget the way to grandma house.  What should I do?

          When riding hood was thingking her suddenly a map appeared.

Map : I’m the map, I’m the map. If you don’t know the way, you can ask me. Wa e wa e o..I think that you can!
little red riding hood : are you the map! Really? If so, please help me to find my grandma’s house!
Map : that’s very easy! Certainly I will help you!
little red riding hood : oh..thank you, map. You are my hero!
Map : ok, go straight this way..don’t turn back, just go strainght and you will meet a carpenter. Then, just ask the carpenter!
little red riding hood : oh no.. you didn’t help at all.
Map : I’m the map, I’m the map…! You’re lost? That’s your problem!! Ok..goodbye.
        At the moment she met a carpenter who was cutting the woods with his axe.

little red riding hood :  excuse me sir excuse me sir excuse me sir!!!

       Riding hood was upset because the carpenter didn’t hear her. Because he was listening to the music by using handset. So, riding hood took out something from her backpack.

little red riding hood : (blow her trumpet on the carpenter’s ear) excuse me, sir…!!!
carpenter : ha? Who are you? Are you nikita willy? Please give me your signature!!
little red riding hood : of course I’m not nikita willy,  I got lost in this forest and I need your help.
Carpenter : of course, I’m a very good person. So I’ll help anybody including you.
little red riding hood : so? Where is my grandma’s house?
Carpenter : wait..wait..wait..before I answer your question, I want to give you a question. Am I handsome?
         little red riding hood was confused with the carpenter’s question. Without thingking twice she answered it directly, so that the carpenter would tell her where her grandma’s house was.

little red riding hood : what? Are you handsome? Ow..sure..! very handsome, like justin bibir. So, where is my grandma’s house?
Carpenter : your grandma’s house? Wait..let me call someone..”hello.. someone needs your help! Come here now!!”

        And suddenly..the map appeared again.

Map : I’m the map, I’m the map…! If you don’t know the way, you can ask me. Wa e wa e o..I think that you can!
little red riding hood : hah? You again? I don’t like you, map!

        Riding hood put off her sandal and threw it to the map.

Map : opss…time to go..goodbye!
Carpenter : ow..no..!! she’s a monster. Let’s run away!

           So riding hood was crying alone in the forest and there came a pedicab driver who passed by in the forest.

Pedicab driver : hi, strange girl! Do you want to go by my pedicab? I have just come back from jakabaring sport city and I don’t have passengers anymore because the SEA Games is over.
little red riding hood : hmm…what a shame..ok, I will ride your pedicab but it’s free. Isn’t it? If I must pay, I will report to mr alex noerdin because you are the SEA games pedicab driver.
Pedicab driver : okay never mind, it’s free. Please get on!

       Then the pedicab driver took her to riding hood grandmother’s house. Suddenly, on their way, they met a wolf who was running. The wolf asked for help.

Wolf : help! Help! Please help me!
little red riding hood : what happened? What happened?
Wolf : shaun the sheep want to catch me and make me as his dinner..please take me on your pedicab!
little red riding hood : oh..that’s impossible! You must tell a lie!
Wolf : no, no, no.. I’m serious! Please help me!
Little red riding hood : will you go with me riding on this pedicab?
Wolf : yes, yes, yes! I’ll do anything to release me from shaun the sheep.
Little red riding hood : that’s simple. You just have to pay ten thousand.
Wolf : sure, this is the money! Thank you for helping me!
Little red riding hood : hehehe..you’re welcome.

       Riding hood and the wolf were going to grandma house. When they arrived in grandma’s house, grandma welcomed them.

Grandma : ow…my dear..!!  finally you come. By the way, who is this, riding hood?
Little red riding hood :  this is my new friend, grandma. Hey you please introduce youself!
Wolf : hmm..okay..hello grandma..! you can call me rino in the afternoon, but at night I’m tince.
Grandma : nice to meet you, tince..
Wolf : nice to meet you too, grandma.
little red riding hood : hey..what’s happening here?
Wolf : yeah, why is it so crowded here?
Grandma :  Please join us! We are having a welcoming party for our new neighbours.
little red riding hood : oh..really? please introduce me to them!!
Wolf : yeah-yeah..I want to meet them.
Grandma : all right, all my guests, now I want to introduce my special guests, our new neigbours who are very nice, friendly and helpful.
little red riding hood : helpful? Who are they?
Grandma : please welcome, kasino the carpenter and dono the map!
        And the two new neighbours appeared in front of them.

little red riding hood : the carpenter and the map again?? Oww..no!!! go away! I don’t want to see you anymore!
Carpenter : Please don’t be angry, we will entertain you…
Map : Yeah..listen to our songs…1…2..3..
Carpenter and map : “cinta satu malam, oh indahnya..cinta satu malam, buat ku melayang..”
Grandma : stop..stop..stop..!! your song is so bad , please change the song!
Carpenter:  ..(sing Samson’s song)..Mungkin aku tidaklah sempurna, tetapi hatiku memilikimu sepanjang hidupku…
Grandma : waw..so amazing and you make me crazier crazier..
        While singing, the carpenter gave some flowers to grandma…and she accepted the flowers happily. Everybody clapped their hands. Everyone was happy to see the two people in love. So, it means that love never considers ages. Love can come to anyone, anywhere and anytime.


Karya : Dessy Dwi Larasati

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